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    When you want to solve a problem, you must break it apart and see why it exists. I have found we don’t see clarity until we seek simplicity. Naturally intuitive and innovative, I help people solve problems. In 2008, I wanted to speed up my marketing education so I began freelancing and consulting while enrolled at UAH and working for Apple, Inc. My experience has led me to consult as a creative director, designer, photographic imaging expert, business manager, marketing strategist, and an acquisition advisor. The evolution of this experience focused my energy into being recruited to develop a new program for a US Army laboratory to centralize and standardize metrology operations. Through practical projects at UAH, researching in England, living and traveling abroad, photographing internationally, documenting technical testing environments, founding my own company, and helping others start programs, I honed my abilities as a diversely capable strategist living for the launch.

    Fine Art Biography

    Andrew Hall studied Photography at The University of Alabama in Huntsville, where he worked under the 35mm half-frame photographer and Cyanotype image-maker, José Betancourt. During this time he developed into an international event and fine art photographer with an emphasis on documentary, commercial, and lifestyle images. Andrew is drawn to the raw emotions others sometime tend to ignore. As an artist with an initial background in engineering and science, Andrew seeks to find these moments in places where science blends with art.


    Since 2011, Andrew has been photographing across The United States and the Pacific Region making documentaries and covering events. These experiences allowed him to observe different cultures which lead to a series documenting the use of natural resources through large scale and hype-detail perspectives. In his studies at UAH, Andrew learned of a phenomena of visual image processing, persistence of vision: the optical illusion where multiple images or parts of an image blend into one cohesive image in the mind. It is through this illusion in his printing style Andrew intends to slow down a viewer’s observation to spend more time analyzing the image.


    From the far pacific to the Tennessee Valley, Andrew continues to document these contrasting scenes. His style is influenced by the works of Andreas Gursky, Jeff Wall, Cindy Sherman, Sally Mann, Stephen Alvarez, and José Betancourt.

  • Experience

    Integration Innovation, Inc.

    Program Manager, Metrology

    Oct 2017 - Present


    Lead Optical Metrologist, Metrology

    Sept 2016 - Oct 2017


    Metrology Technician, Metrology

    Jul 2015 - Sept 2016

    • Developed and executed a concept for the government to establish a center-wide internal metrology laboratory at The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) to centralize and standardize dimensional measurements and dynamic testing operations across the organization.
    • Created and executed an internal promotion and advocacy campaign to receive senior leadership support and direction in order to support the establishment and growth of the metrology program at AMRDEC.
    • The Metrology Program helped the government realize a cost avoidance of $100 million on one project that only cost $500,000.
    • Develop cost estimates and resource plans to support multiple simultaneous projects.
    • Lead customer project discovery meetings. Educate customers on lab capabilities, industry applications, and benefits of using full surface 3D measurement methods.
    • Support lab operations with cost and schedule planning, customer requirements development, data capture, and data processing.
    • Support contract activities with labor and travel estimates (ROMs), monthly reports, recruiting, hiring, training, and business development.
    • Lead cost- and schedule-savings projects for quality control, reverse engineering, and advanced manufacturing process development.
    • Manage safety protocols, MSDS/SDS documentation, and contractor training to maintain safe metrology operations in the laboratory and on-site at customer locations.
    • Scan hardware and process scan data to analyze 3D surface data for dimensional analysis.
    Refracting Ideas, LLC: Marketing, Management, and Strategy

    Refracting Ideas, LLC

    Consultant (Owner)

    Jan 2014 - Present

    • Strategy, marketing, and management consultant
    • Created and executed the strategy and partnership plan to increase leads for a financial company through Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns.
      • Developed the relationship with an ad agency to lead the advertising effort after a rebrand.
    • Led a client to achieve a 30% increase in revenue in the first 3 months of a new branding initiative.
      • The following year, there was an over 200% revenue increase within 11 months of implementing the new marketing plan.
      • Led the client through a private acquisition by a competitor.
    • Developed a new retail experience for a unique art supply company.
      • Reduced operating costs by designing the mobile retail experience.
      • Established a relationship with area art schools to lock in sales for three years.

    New Leaf Digital

    Founding Member, Board of Directors

    Aug 2016 - Aug 2017


    • Founding member of the Board of Directors who took the organization from a few separate community projects and meshed these projects into a centralized community organization championing coworking, professional development, accelerating STEAM innovation, and developing the entrepreneurial spirit in Huntsville, AL.
    • Program Director for the media team responsible for communications, creative content, and outreach strategy.
    • New Leaf Digital rebranded to Urban Engine

    Open Huntsville


    Jun 2015 - Jun 2017


    • Cofounder for Open Huntsville, the online local directory of professionals for Huntsville and later the central directory and network for the New Leaf Digital organization (now Urban Engine).
    Harlan Lee and Associates, LLC

    Harlan Lee and Associates, LLC

    Analyst - Missile Defense Agency, Chief of Staff Office (MDA/DS)​

    Oct 2011 - July 2015
    • Document testing events for the Missile Defense Agency.
    • Maintain imaging equipment and control print quality with with spectrophotometers.
    • Design and write user manuals for imaging lab designers and technicians.
    • Initiated a project to analyze a process and reduce waste by 50%.
    • Supported a $1.2M equipment contract award effort by prioritizing new equipment purchases and negotiating a facility lighting system contract.
    • Assisted in a $700K contract financial audit with an accuracy of 99%.
    Andrew Hall Photography

    Andrew Hall Photography

    Fine Art Photographer

    May 2006 - Present

    • Established a brand as a professional fine art and commercial photographer in 2007 and continue to photograph commercially. 
    • Designed a social media marketing campaign to raise awareness by 925% in 5 days.

    MechOptix, Inc.

    Operations Manager

    Feb 2014 - Jul 2014

    • Performed market, brand awareness, and SWOT analyses for the startup.
    • Lead a rebrand and marketing program case study.
    • Advised on marketing strategy prior to the organization seeking funding.
    • Described as “Arguably, the year's Most Disruptive Startup,” by Southern/alpha.
    Kohana Design later became Refracting Ideas

    Kohana Design

    Freelance Creative Director

    Jun 2010 - Jan 2014

    • A venture to learn more about Marketing through self-taught freelancing.
    • Freelancing success led to founding my consulting company, Refracting Ideas, LLC, in 2014.
    Apple, Inc

    Apple, Inc.

    Creative (Trainer)

    Specialist (Business Sales)

    May 2008 - Oct 2011

    • Started with the business sales team and ultimately promoted to Creative
    • Established SOHO business sales relations and maintained CRM.
    • Lead trainer for technical, creative, business, and sales teams.
    • Partnered with Corporate Development Teams to increase end-user feedback.
    Ritz Camera

    Ritz Camera Centers (Wolf Camera)

    Technician and Sales Associate

    Aug 2007 - May 2008

    • Led the sales team to increase sales and customer satisfaction which kept the store open for two more years during company wide downsizing.
    • Lead lab technician responsible for machine calibration with spectrophotometers, silver recovery systems, and safe chemical handling.

    A&A Computers


    Jan 2003 - Aug 2005

    • Troubleshoot, repair, design, and assemble computer systems
    • Provide technical support to customers over the phone and in person
    • Install computer network and security camera systems
  • "I have had the honor of working with Andrew on multiple creative and business projects. From creative brainstorming, multi-location photo shoots, and project management on marketing and design services, he has accomplished far more than I could have ever asked for. I look forward to working with him again in the future."


    - Joseph MacKenzie

  • Skills

    Creative Direction

    Cross-functional Team Leadership


    Project Management


    Branding & Identity

  • Certifications

    Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist

    A Certified SAFe® 4 Agilist (SA) is a SAFe enterprise leadership professional who is part of a Lean-Agile transformation. Key areas of competency include the application of Lean-Agile principles, execution and release of value through Agile Release Trains (ARTs), and building an Agile portfolio with Lean-Agile budgeting.

  • Education

    UAH, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

    University of Alabama in Huntsville

    Studio Art in Photography with a Marketing Minor

    Additional coursework in Philosophy, Management, Music, and Chemistry

    The University of Alabama in Huntsville is a state-supported, public, coeducational research university, located in Huntsville, Alabama, United States, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees, and is organized in six colleges: business, engineering, honors college, liberal arts, nursing and science.

    EHS, Enterprise High School, Enterprise, Alabama

    Enterprise High School

    Advanced Diploma

    Enterprise High School is a 7A public high school at 1801 Boll Weevil Circle in Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama, USA, in the Enterprise City School District. The school houses grades 9-12.

  • Honors & Awards

    Three Star Army Coin

    November 2012

    Two Star Accommodation

    December 2012

    Eagle Scout

    April 2004

    The Order of the Arrow Induction

    National Award for Science

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